Lisa Mcarther-Edwards Artist and Teacher

Lisa grew up in Athens, Rome and London. She completed her BA(hons) at Middlesex University, London. Lisa moved to the coast about 20 years ago and is a mum to 2 teenage boys.

She is currently a multi-disciplinary artist working in the areas of sculpture, printmaking and mark making. Lisa has had several group exhibitions, solo exhibitions and exhibited in sculpture shows. She has works in several private collections in Europe, Asia and Australia. She has been involved in Cultural Community Development projects for Central Coast Council, Wyong Neighbourhood Centre, Wyong Council, Gosford Council and RYSS. She has worked with local schools and festivals creating community weavings and ephemeral sculptures. She teaches art classes to adults and children, people with special needs and conducts basketry and fibre sculpture workshops. Lisa also ran art classes at Fairhaven working with people with disabilities for 2 years.

Her practice encompasses ephemeral pieces woven, stitched or constructed from natural materials, wire and ceramic sculptures, plastics, paper, fibre and found object works. Her prints often incorporate stitching and plant materials and are often found incorporated into her sculpture pieces. Her marking making works often come from brushes made with plant fibres and applied with fabrics and her hands, and she often stitches and draws into these works as part of her process, and builds up layers and layers of inks, paints, pigments, charcoal and pastels and are reminiscent of maps and journey lines.

Her works all come from her connection to energy of place, the environment and her sense of identity in relation to place.

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