Transpersonal Art Therapy and Counselling is using creativity to work holistically with the mind, body and soul towards healing. It is the merging of ancient shamanic traditions and modern psychology, working on a deep subconscious level. It is based on tried and tested and regulated techniques and processes. You do not need to have any creative ability or talent. It includes modern forms of talk therapy with meditation, movement, sound and or art.

You can use all or one of those, it is how you want to express and communicate. It is client led, so it is at your pace, how you want to proceed. You are not given a to do list to go home and try at home. As a practitioner it is often magical how a client will come in with an issue that has dogged them for years and after working through an art process, on the page they have drawn the issue, solution, its history, how it feels in their body and they know how they now want to address it.

For me art therapy is a way to peel off those layers and get to the core of who someone is in all their abilities and magnificence. I find Art Therapy a gentle form of therapy, but you’ll still need your tissues, it still reaches deep inside and opens you up. But you might be going home feeling a little lighter, it might take a day or a week or a month. But it works in mysterious and wonderful ways.