This exhibition of works is about a sense of my belonging. I am a transient person without extended family and a homeland. I have finally come to call Australia home and feel a deep connection to Australia and its land. I feel the energy of the earth in all the places I have passed through and lived in.

For me, our structures and landscapes are the memory keepers of other people and hold the energy of all living things. I try to capture this in my work - the layering of lives, the intertwining of people, space and place. Energy of plants, flowing waters and breezes caught in time and in the fibres. Lives without details, but still held there by their mnemonic footprint.

In my work, all the natural objects and my landscapes are manipulated in some way – woven or stitched. I see the act of weaving or stitching as threads of connection, but also the act of creating the work is a way to bind my own energy and myself into the art and the other fibres and energies held there.

I see the link of earth and humans as a very tenuous link. We are custodians of something rare and amazing and I hope to honour that in my work.

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Event Information

Event Date 11-08-2014
Event End Date 12-25-2014